Host a|Screening

Are you interested in hosting a Farmland screening at your school, community center or local movie theater? Here, you can find all the important information you need about hosting a screening.

Can I use a DVD purchased at a retail outlet for a public screening?

Unfortunately, you can’t. DVD’s purchased online via digital download, video on-demand platforms or in a retail store are for home viewing purposes only. Any showing of a film outside of a home setting is considered a “public performance.” Therefore, your organization or the facility where you show a film intended for “home use” bear the responsibility and consequences of copyright law infringement. This pertains to all films – not just FARMLAND.  The Community Toolkit which includes a DVD has been created for educational purposes. When placing an order a signed indemnification form is required.  Public Performance Rights must be purchased. For more information: Copyright Law of the United States of America (Title 17, United States Code)

How do I get Public Performance Rights?

When you place your order for a toolkit or copy of the film you have the option to purchase  Public Performance Rights. There is a $100 fee associated. Click here to order a toolkit and Public Performance Rights.

What do I need to host a screening?

Place an order for a Community Toolkit and purchase Public Performance Rights. It is suggested you place your order 6-8 weeks in advance to allow enough time for promoting your screening.

Access the Digital Community Toolkit for guidelines and promotional materials provided for digital download. Click here for toolkit information.

You have the DVD, what’s next?

Click here to register your screening.

Click here to provide us with an event recap.

Click here to share information about your upcoming screening.

What is the difference between the Community Toolkit and the Digital Community Toolkit?

  • The Community Toolkit contains the following
  • (1) Welcome Letter
  • (1) Discussion Guide
  • Choice of one 77 minute DVD, 45 minute DVD, or 77 minute BluRay
  • (100) 5×7 Postcards
  • (25) 11×17 Promotional Poster – with blank space to include date/time/location of screening
  • (50) 11×17 posters
  • (1) Folder
  • (5) pens
  • (50) magnets

The Digital Community Toolkit provides various documents for download. Documents provided depend on the size of your screening. Some of these documents include:

  • Brand and artwork guidelines
  • Event Checklist
  • FAQs
  • Invite Letter Template
  • Key Messages
  • Opening Remarks Template
  • Recap Report
  • Social Media Overview Guidance and Draft Posts
  • Spokesperson Talking Points Q&A
  • Tips for Developing Invite List
  • Tips for Promoting in Community
  • Tips for Promoting in Organization
  • Community Toolkit Table of Content
  • Farmland Doc and Film Subject One Pager
  • Farmland Logo White Background
  • Trailer (MP4)
  • Film Overview Discussion Guide

How much does the toolkit cost?

There is no cost for the Digital Community Toolkit. However, there is a $7 fee for the Hard Copy Community Toolkit, a $6 handling fee and a shipping fee that is calculated based on your location.  All toolkits will be shipped via UPS ground.

Can I order additional kits or DVDs?

Yes, you can. Please contact for DVD orders.